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SomGuard in Medicine

Background: SomGuard has two active components, silver particles and hydrogen peroxide. Both of these are included in a standard pharmacopoeia, 1, 2 though separately. The combination has multiple applications in a medical establishment. 
Indications: Leucorrhea, transmission of infections by dermal contact, prevention of infection in wounds and burns, protection of mucous membranes from pathogens, hygiene in operation theaters, of all surfaces, of drinking water, and all ingested food that is consumed raw or after storage. There is no reported resistance of any pathogen to either 
Presentation: SomGuard may be dispensed as a liquid or as a gel, with varying proportions of the two components. The precise composition can be determined by contact time and infection load, which should be validated through microbial culture. This flexibility is the rationale for the dispensing rather than a packaged format.
Application: A liquid preparation can be introduced in to any mucosa using a dropper, or syringe, or as a wash. The liquid can also be sprayed with a micron-size of less than 5 to clean air, and raw of stored foods. The liquid can be used as a dip or as a swipe to remove pathogens from any surface. The liquid can be added to water to make it potable. A gel (made with Aloe Vera) is suitable for intact skin, as well as for burns and wounds. This includes the perineum for prevention of leucorrhea occurrence.
Side-effects: Silver particles will precipitate in the presence of light, because of which SomGuard should be stored in colored glass or plastic containers. Hydrogen peroxide liberates oxygen because of which SomGuard should not be kept in any airtight container, or in an excessively hot place. The oxidizing action may cause dermal and mucous membrane discomfort.
Precautions: SomGuard and its oxidizing-agent component should be kept in cool and dark conditions. Electrical power points should be covered when small particles are sprayed to prevent flammability. The silver component may be increased, and the oxidizing agent decreased in case of patient discomfort. However, this may also require an increase in contact time with pathogens. Concentrated SomGuard liquid and hydrogen peroxide should be handled with eye and hand protection, as well as with readily-available running water to wash away accidental mucus membrane exposure. Rubbing or scratching accidentally exposed skin or mucus membrane will aggravate the discomfort. Repeat application may be required whenever a fresh infection is possible. The partner of a patient with leucorrhea should also use the gel formulation for protection of the external genitalia and surrounding skin.
Contra-indications: SomGuard should not be applied on a live tumor or used on a person with confirmed or suspected hyperplasia. Excessive oral consumption in an accident may cause transient argyria. SomGuard should not be transported by air. All transport should be with statutory declarations, informed consent, and with an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). 
Interactions: These are possible with radiation and cyto-toxic drugs.
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