SEE - is SOM Phytopharma Electronic news Exchange

SEE - is SOM Phytopharma Electronic news Exchange, dedicated to create a forum for news on Benefical Microbes and Herbal Extracts.

SEE will have periodic news letters posted in this website and progressively will be mailed to interested people who register.

Please send an email to [email protected] to register yourself and please visit this section for weekly updates on "Beneficial Microbes and Herbal Extracts"


Food Safety and Pesticide Residues

Lessons for Karanjin from Neem

Put Insect Resistance to Good Use

The Natural Wealth of the Third World

Issues in Infection Control

Enabling technologies for herbal and botanical pesticides

Forward Integration for Greater Bio-Rational Pesticide Market Shares

The role of resistance monitoring in branding botanical pesticides

The PCO Approach to Botanical Pesticide Market Development

Botanicals in Cosmetic Pest Control

Color from Nature-Microbial Pigments

Africa-Centered Herbal Pesticide and Bio-Rational Product Development

Bio-Rational Products through Pharmacognosy Principles

Positive Discrimination in Favor of Women to Develop Herbal Pesticide and Bio-Rational Product Markets

Dynamic Research Lessons for Relevance in Managing the Toxicity of Chemicals through Herbal Pesticides and Bio-Rational products

Surging Ahead on Genetic Pathways to Safer Pest Management

Biological Treasures beneath Our Feet

The Cooperative Template for Herbal Pesticides and Bio-Rational Product Development

Replacement of Heavy Metal Pesticides with Beneficial Fungi for Crop Protection from Disease

Exciting New Herbal Extracts from the Sea

Competitive Advantages of Contract Research in India

Turn Regulatory Hurdles in Data Availability in to Your Strength

After-Sales Service as a Prime Consideration in Contract Manufacturer Selection

Formulation Development for Herbal Pesticides and Bio-Rational Products

Soil Texture and Ecology as a Farm Productivity Imperative

Rediscovering Herbal Extracts as Topical Agents for Skin Health

Project Diabetes

Herbal Extracts for Topical Relief from Joint Pain

Free Children from Chemical Pesticide Inhalation Toxicity

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