Bio agri inputs

Bio Agri Inputs are standardized extracts / concentrates from natural resources that help in better nutrient management and plant growth.

Neem Cake, Vermi Compost, Kelp, Organic Manures etc are known to ancient farmers and sustainable agriculture was practiced for millions of years due to judicious use of these Bio Agri Inputs. Modern Science and Technology help in standardizing the extracts of these known and proven inputs and these inputs help in better growth of plants, profused rooting, better photosynthesis, enhanced assimilation of protein hydrolysates, ready availability of natural bio stimulants.

Bio Agri Inputs are non toxic and are made from natural resources.

Bio Hume
BTC  Boom
Derisom - PC

Margosom NC

Margosom NKC
Margosom CPNKO
U - Min

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